EKI CO-NET is a communication digital product of Eki Digital Multipurpose Company,and we believe in revolutionizing the way people connect and share their contact information. We are a leading provider of NFC smart digital business cards, empowering individuals and businesses to effortlessly manage their professional networks in the digital age.

Outstanding Features


Our Eki Connect Smart Business Cards, packed with powerful features to transform your networking experience.

Instant Sharing

Effortlessly exchange contact information by simply tapping your NFC-enabled device, eliminating the need for outdated paper cards

Password Protection

Protect your digital business card with optional protection, giving you peace of mind and control over who can access your contact information.

Customizable Designs

Personalize your digital business card with unique designs, colors, and branding elements that reflect your professional identity

Environmentally Friendly

Embrace sustainability by going paperless with NFC digital business cards, reducing paper waste and contributing to a greener planet

Advanced Analytics

Gain valuable insights into how your digital business card performs with analytics and engagement metrics, enabling you to optimize your networking efforts

Real-time Updates

Easily update your contact information in real-time, ensuring that your network always has access to the most accurate and current details.

Revolutionize Your Networking with Eki Conet Digital Card Solution!

With our innovative platform, you can create your own personalized digital business card that consolidates all your contact information in one place. No more fumbling with stacks of paper cards or outdated details. Our NFC-enabled solution allows you to simply tap your card against any compatible device to instantly share your contact details, making networking seamless and efficient.


User-friendly Interface

Eki Co-Net has a user-friendly interface that simplifies the user's experience

Advanced Encryption

Eki Co-net uses highlevel tools to ensure topnotch encryption of users data

Trusted & Reliable

Experience the convenience of safe and reliable information sharing on Eki Co-Net

Information Protection

You can always choose to hide or share your information at your convinience.


Testimonies from our esteemed customers

"Connecting with other professionals has never been easier, no more fumbling through stacks of paper cards. The user friendly interface ensure a seamless experience. This is definitely something you should check out if you are ready to start networking the modern way."


Eki co-net User

Overall, using Eki Co-net has been a game changer. It's streamlined my daily routine and simplified my wallet. If you're looking to simplify your life, I highly recommend giving Eki Co-net a try.


Eki co-net User


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The ultimate guide on Eki Co-net! πŸš€ In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll navigate the exciting journey of mastering your digital persona on Eki Co-net. 🌐 Unlock the full potential of this innovative platform as we walk you through every detail of setting up your user profile. From personalizing your profile picture to optimizing your professional links, we’ve got you covered! 🌟 Join us in this immersive experience and discover how Eki Co-net can elevate your digital presence. 🀝 Ready to make a lasting impression? Let’s get started on crafting the perfect profile that speaks volumes about you! πŸ’ΌπŸ“²


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Opening an Eki Co-Net Digital card account is a straightforward process. Here are the steps:


  • -Tap on "Create Account."

  • -Enter your personal information, including your name, email address, and phone number.

  • -Create a strong password for your account.

  • -And you're ready to go
  • Eki Co-Net Digital card allows you to share your contact information conveniently. Here are the steps:


  • -Open the Eki Co-Net Web app.

  • -Login or Register to have access to your account
  • -Tap on "View Profile"Β 

  • -Tap on the little share icon at the top-right corner of your screen.

  • -Choose how you want to share it, such as QR code, email, text message or any social media of your choice.

  • -The recipient or media will instantly receive your contact information.

  • Yes, you can choose which contact information to share with your recipients. Eki Co-Net Digital card allows you to create or modify your profile with customized contact information. This way, you can share only the relevant information with your recipient

    Eki Co-Net Digital card prioritizes user privacy. You can choose which details to hide on your profile. Here are the steps:

  • -Open the Eki Co-Net Web app.

  • -Login to your profile or register if you have non

  • -Select "Edit Profile"

  • -Choose which details you want to hide from your profile.

  • -Switch wether to show or hide your information on your profile page
  • -Save your changes
  • -And your profile will be updated accordingly.

  • Enabling dark mode on the Eki Co-Net Digital Card app helps reduce eye strain and improve battery life, especially in low-light conditions. Here's how to do it:

  • Open the Eki Co-Net Digital Card Web app.
  • Login to your profile or register to have one
  • Tap on "View Profile"
  • Tap on the "Settings" icon (gear icon). This Toggles the "Dark Mode" switch to ON or OFF.
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